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Marry a Wife—and Her Car

In his sermon, The Discipline of Communal Examination, Skye Jethani said:

A few years before I married my wife, Amanda, she bought a car with the help of her dad. They went to a dealership, and they had found a car they really liked. She called me to get my opinion, and I felt really uncomfortable. I knew Amanda's dad really liked the car—and he was the one helping her pay for it, not me—but I thought the car was junk. But I was just the boyfriend. Who am I to dictate what they should do? I thought. I told Amanda to do whatever her dad thought was best. I figured it was not my car, not my problem.

Two years later, when we got married, the car became my problem. One thousand miles after the warranty expired, the transmission gave out. Although I was tempted to do so, I didn't turn to Amanda and say, "You bought this lousy car—this is your problem." We were married. Her problems, regardless of where they came from, were my problems.

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