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The 20th Century's 'Ecologically-Friendly' Movement: the Nazis

Historian Simon Schama describes one of the most ecologically-friendly movements of the twentieth century. It initiated some of the first recycling programs, taught people how to garden for themselves, and intentionally took youth into the wilderness to experience the power of Creation. That movement was the Third Reich. From 1933-1935 Hitler enacted the first significant environmental legislation in modern history. Schama writes, "It is of course painful to acknowledge how ecologically conscientious the most barbaric regime in modern history actually was. Exterminating millions of lives was not at all incompatible with passionate protection of millions of trees."

When Jesus calls us to follow him, he does not call us to follow him in some areas of our life. Jesus asks for our entire lives. He asks for full obedience, not just "selective obedience."

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