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Have Millennials Forgotten How to Speak?

With the rise of social networking technology, many young people are adept at managing texts, chats, and profiles, but lack the verbal potency needed to close an important business deal or convince an employer to go in a bold direction.

The BBC interviewed two highly successful businessmen on their differences on the issue of technology. Young entrepreneur Anthony Shop has a company that couldn't exist without it. He's excited about the new opportunities that the digital world gives for businesses that consult with him.

But Adam Shapiro, president of a public relations firm, is wary of the impact that tech has on the human ability to connect. "The more that technology comes in, the more the personal touch is going to become paramount. I think this generation has lost those skills and maybe never picked them up—the ability to relate to people one on one—because they've been enraptured in technology from their earliest days." he said.

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