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Pastor Healed of Prostate Cancer

One of the most remarkable and well-attested physical healings of someone happened to a pastor named Kenneth Wallace. He was the presbyter of the area in central Illinois and at that time he must have been in his mid to late fifties. He struck people as a happy warrior: big voice, thick build, square-jawed, always with a toothy smile.

In November of 1987, however, he began to suffer discomfort in the area of his prostate. Weeks later the pain was so bad that he finally went to the doctor to get a prescription for what he assumed was an infection. Instead the doctor told him, "You have a large tumor on the prostate gland that appears to be malignant." The doctor ordered a barrage of tests: biopsy, blood work, X-rays, and an MRI. The doctors determined that on a scale of 1 to 4 with 4 being the worst, he was at 4, and the tumor was so large he had probably had it for more than 10 years.

The case was referred to a specialist in Springfield, Illinois, who consulted with doctors at John Hopkins University. Together they decided that chemotherapy would be useless, surgery too dangerous, and radiation would cause too many other problems. The cancer was terminal, and they could only give him medication for pain.

In a short time his weight dropped from 217 pounds to 138. In April of 1988, he determined to attend one last statewide meeting of pastors, and in that meeting his fellow pastors gathered around him and cried out to heaven on his behalf. He went home later that night encouraged by their concern but still suffering unbearable pain.

About two months later, his brother, also a pastor, came to his home to see how he was doing. Worn down by the pain, Kenneth told him and his wife to "ask God to either heal me or take me." They prayed, and after a while they left. Kenneth was lying on the couch. Suddenly he became aware of a physical sensation, what he described as "a soothing, warm feeling going throughout my body. Every bit of pain and discomfort left."

He tried to sit up but was still very weak. He called out to his wife, Ann, "Jesus just healed me!" That night before going to bed he did not take his usual pain medication or sleeping pill, yet for the first time in over six months he fell asleep immediately and slept all night. His next doctor's appointment was one week away, and when the doctor saw him he was shocked and ordered tests to be done. The tests were sent to John Hopkins University. One week later the results came back completely negative. Kenneth Wallace was indeed completely healed. He lived 12 more years and continued to preach until his death in April of 2000.

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