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Girl's Brain Tumor Miraculously Vanishes

Amy Knight—single mother of Kayla, Ryan, and Alex—attends Whitehouse (Texas) First Assembly and had heard stories of divine healing, but she had never personally experienced or seen one. When 11-year-old daughter Kayla began complaining about ongoing headaches that continued to grow in severity, Amy desperately needed those healing stories to become a personal reality.

The headaches grew in intensity. In May Amy took Kayla to the emergency room.

"They took an X-ray and noted an abnormality," Amy says. "They recommended I see a neurologist."

Neurologists' fees are high. Due to their income level, Kayla qualified for Medicaid, but it took weeks for Amy to find a doctor who would accept Medicaid payment. Two months later, Kayla finally saw a doctor in nearby Tyler who ordered a CAT scan and then an MRI.

By this time, Kayla was spending most of her time in bed unable to get up. Her headaches were nearly unbearable.

The doctor in Tyler noticed a large white blotch on the MRI—a tumor in Kayla's brain. He immediately sent the pair to see a specialist in Dallas. Another MRI confirmed the tumor had grown significantly.

"The doctor took me aside and told me that if it continued to grow at its current rate, within two weeks the tumor would cover her brain and Kayla would be brain dead," Amy recalls.

The other option was surgery, but there was a 95 percent chance Kayla would not survive.

"It was a difficult decision, but I chose to let Kayla at least have what was left of her life rather than take such a long chance on that operation," Amy says. "I told the doctor I was going to leave it in God's hands."

Amy told Kayla everything. "We're going to let the church pray for you tonight," she said. They would believe together that God would remove the tumor.

"During the service that night," senior pastor Michael Fleming says, "Kayla…sat on the front pew, and we gathered around her. We started to pray. We could feel the presence of God. We prayed that the tumor would be removed and the reports would be changed."

Two days later, Kayla was back in Dallas for another MRI. The doctors soon called for Amy.

"I was thinking it was bad news," she remembers. "The doctor put the MRI in front of me and I really didn't know what I was looking at. To me, I didn't see a thing, so I thought the tumor had spread across her brain."

In fact, the doctor was stunned and was struggling for an answer. The tumor had vanished without a trace. And Kayla's headaches? Gone as well. …

"The doctor had told me during our visits that he believed there was some 'higher Being,' but he didn't believe in God," Amy says. "But after he saw these results, he said that if he didn't believe in my God before, he would now. I told him, 'He's not my God. He's everybody's God.'" …

Since the initial report, Kayla has undergone two further exams, both giving her a clean bill of health.

"I wasn't letting God take care of things like I was supposed to. My faith wasn't where it was supposed to be," Amy says. "I now know I don't have to worry about anything. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. God is in control." …

And what about Kayla's thoughts?

"When you put something in God's hands, it's nice to know He's going to do something about it."

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