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French Investor Caught for $7 Billion Fraud

Have you ever gotten yourself in big trouble—really, really big trouble? So big you can't even conceive of how much trouble you're in? That's what 31-year-old Jerome Kerviel is accused of. Jerome worked for a prestigious bank in France. He had worked his way up from the back room to being one of the men who did the bank's investing. In January 2008 he was caught allegedly committing investment fraud. In other words, he carried on bogus trades designed to make him money. Here is the amazing thing: he was dealing not just in millions, but in some $7 billion! According to an article in the The Times, at one point in the alleged scam, Kerviel had put his bank in a position where they would lose "the equivalent of about half of all the gold and currency reserves held by France. The sum also exceeded the entire value of the bank at which he worked."

Imagine what it felt like when the market turned the wrong way, and he realized that it was only a matter of time until he would get caught. Now that's getting yourself in big trouble!

What you may not realize is that you may be in bigger trouble than this bank employee. He committed a crime against his bank and against other investors who lost their money through his alleged fraud. He messed up the world financial markets for a while. But you—you have committed crimes against God! Any person who breaks any of God's commands commits a crime against him, called sin, and it's more criminal in God's sight than a multi-billion-dollar investment fraud is in our sight.

Banks come and go. Jail time comes and goes. Money comes and goes. But God is an exalted and holy being. To commit a crime—any crime—against the infinite God is so big that you cannot even imagine how criminal it is. It's infinite.

The man who committed the bank fraud got himself a lawyer. I suggest you find yourself a Savior, because it's only a matter of time until you're caught.

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