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Seven More Deadly Sins

We're all probably familiar with the Roman Catholic Church's list of seven deadly sins: pride, envy, gluttony, greed, lust, wrath, and sloth. But did you know the Roman Catholic Church recently added seven more? Pope Benedict XVI was concerned about the "decreasing sense of sin" in today's world, evidenced by the declining interest in the disciplined act of confession. The list, published in the Vatican newspaper, includes what Catholic leaders feel are more modern "violations of the basic rights of human nature." The seven additional sins are:

  • Taking part in polluting the environment
  • Genetic engineering
  • Being obscenely wealthy
  • Taking or selling drugs
  • Having an abortion
  • Engaging in pedophilia
  • Causing social injustice

Bishop Gianfranco Girotti, head of the Vatican body which oversees confessions and plenary indulgences, says the move was made to help push people into deeper self-examination. "You offend God not only by stealing, blaspheming, or coveting your neighbor's wife," he says, "but also by ruining the environment, carrying out morally debatable scientific experiments, or allowing genetic manipulations which alter DNA or compromise embryos."

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