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Man Wears Seatbelt After Friend Has Accident

Tim Keller wrote:

I used to go visit my brother in law, and he would never wear a seat belt in the car. I always berated him for it. I remember one time he picked me up at the airport, and he had on his seat belt and shoulder harness. I said, "What happened? What changed you?"

He said, "I went to visit a friend of mine in the hospital who was in a car accident and went through the windshield. He had two or three hundred stitches in his face. I said to myself, I better wear my seat belt."

We talked about that a little bit. I said, "Did you not know that if you don't wear your seat belt you go through the windshield if you have an accident?"

He said: "Of course I knew it. When I went to the hospital to see my friend, I got no new information, but the information I had became new. The information got real to my heart and finally sank down and affected the way I live."

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