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Biker Covers Up Dirty Tattoo

Parishioners of a conservative, small-town church in rural Indiana were surprised one Sunday when a biker came to visit. He stuck out like a sore thumb—pony-tailed, tattooed, and wearing bikers' colors. But the church came alongside him and showered him with love and acceptance. He kept coming back and eventually became a Christian.

But there was one lingering question: Why did the biker always wear long-sleeved shirts—even on the hottest days of summer? One day he finally confessed to the pastor that he had a tattoo of a naked woman on one forearm, and he didn't want the other people in the church to see it.

A few weeks later, the biker walked up to the pastor and asked, "Want to see my new tattoo?" The pastor turned a little pale as the biker proudly rolled up his sleeve. "You know that naked woman tattoo I told you about awhile ago? I had the tattoo artist put clothes on her!"

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