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Wanted Man Caught by "Kiss Cam"

When David Horton decided to go to a Cincinnati Reds ballgame with his girlfriend, he knew he was a wanted man. He had failed to appear in court for a drug charge. As it happened, his parole officer attended the same game. During the game, the wanted man decided to give his girlfriend a smooch, and that kiss was displayed on the "Kiss Cam." Everyone at the Great American Ball Park saw the kiss, including the parole officer. Before the night was out, the parole officer and a policeman arrested Horton, 24, in his front-row seat.

"Out of all the coincidences, we had 20- or 30-thousand people at the ballpark, and who do they put on the 'Kiss Cam'? And then, who is there but his parole officer?" said Richard Goldberg, Horton's attorney. If convicted, he could face up to 18 years in prison.

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