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Even At 94-Years of Age, Your Sins Will Find You Out

The arrest of a 94-year-old man living for so many decades on a quiet street in Oak Ridge, Tennessee was a wakeup call for the man's neighbors. They said they could not have imagined that he was an active collaborator in one of the worst instances of the second World War.

Federal prosecutors convinced the court that Mr. Berger was part of the SS machinery of oppression that kept concentration camp prisoners in atrocious conditions of confinement. This led not only to the injury and emaciation of many of those prisoners, but to their deaths.

This man at age 94 must have imagined that he had gotten away with it, and that he would die in peace in that ranch house. But something happened that he could not have envisioned. The SS cards identifying him, along with other prison camp guards, had been on a boat that was sunk by the Allies. These cards were discovered in 1950 but they had disintegrated. But modern technology meant that these cards could be reassembled, and thus the names and all the information on those SS cards could now be fully understood. This led to a 94-year-old man living in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Devora Fish, the director of education for the Tennessee Holocaust Commission, said this: “Every time that somebody is brought to justice, even from 50 years ago or longer, that is a message to the world because we're not going to stop until everybody is brought to justice. Even if it’s something you did years ago, it will catch up to you.”

The neighbors of this man did not see a Nazi war criminal. They just saw an elderly man living in the United States who had come from Germany. But what we cannot see, God sees. On that, we can absolutely depend.


Albert Mohler; “The Nazi Next Door—94-Year-Old Nazi Concentration Camp Guard Found Living in Tennessee,” The Briefing (3-11-20)

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