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Managing the House

A beleaguered young mom went to an "Organizing Your Life" class. After hearing many organizing tips, she asked, "But how do you get your kids to help clean up? I have two young children, and it's usually easier to just clean up myself. That way, I know where their things are, and they get put away right. But I feel frustrated about that."

Another woman in the class answered, "In our house, we use a 'Butler Box.' Whenever something is left lying around the house where it doesn't belong—even if it's car keys or a wallet—it gets put into a large, wooden box that we call the Butler Box. Then, if anyone is looking for something that's lost and finds it in the Butler Box, he can't just grab it out. He has to do five minutes of chores around the home to get the object back."

"What a clever idea!" the first woman said. "How old were your children when you started that?"

"Children?" the second woman answered. "We don't have any children. This is for my husband."

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