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Lent: God For Us

A 40-day journey to call our people to an inward life.

What is Lent? Why is it important? Should I challenge my church to undertake this 40-day journey before Easter? These questions and more are discussed by Steve Carter, contributing editor for Preaching Today, and AJ Sherrill, pastor of Saint Peter’s Church in Mount Pleasant, SC.

In this thought-provoking exchange Steve and AJ explore:

  • How the church year breaks into four categories: God with us, God for us, God in us, and God working through us;
  • Why the temptations of Jesus make an excellent study for Lent. AJ’s insights from Mike Breen on looking at the temptations from the perspective of Appetite, Approval, and Ambition are fresh and fascinating;
  • How Lent challenges us and our hearers to move from fasting to feasting (Easter);
  • Why the idea of death/dying/saying no is important during this season.

Be sure to watch to the end when AJ gives an amazing challenge to preachers about the pain and suffering that is so rampant in our culture. Whether the pain is taken in, or projected upon us, AJ’s words will be a balm to your soul!

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