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African American Preaching and the Revival of American Christianity

Defining African American preaching and 7 key characteristics of this tradition.

Some of the most stirring and inspirational words of hope and healing have come from black pulpits and the mouths of impassioned black preachers, down ...

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Preach It!

Experiencing the Beauty of the African American Preaching Tradition.

When I was a student in Bible college, I once invited two friends to my home church for an evening revival service. The friends were members of an evangelical ...

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The Penalties of Preaching


Football’s Super Bowl displays its penalties for all to see on their televisions worldwide. Referees throw their yellow flags to alert ...

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Rob O'Lynn

Developing Effective Communion Meditations

Rob O'Lynn
4 steps to great Communion meditations.

Sacrament. To say that word in a worship service of many American congregations will likely draw a raised eyebrow or perplexed glance. But our worship ...

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6 Lessons I Learned from Giving a TED Talk

I was given my first opportunity to preach in church when I was a teenager. I was so nervous that I compressed a ten-minute message into five by speaking ...

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