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Preaching with Childlike Wonder

No matter how many times you have preached on a particular Bible text, there are new riches waiting to be discovered and proclaimed.

During my first pastorate in a small town in northeastern Minnesota, I had the privilege of befriending an older parishioner named Howard Ballou, a gentle dairy farmer with huge hands and soft eyes, who lived to the ripe old age of 91. Throughout his long life, Howard suffered many losses: the death ...

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Dave Fulton

July 04, 2012  6:35pm

What a wonderful vision from God. To me it certainly reflects the power of the Spirit, and a very valuable message to all who have read/studied your words from the heart !!!!!

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Gary Karas

June 26, 2012  5:06pm

Thanks, I needed that reminder!

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Steven Conner

June 25, 2012  4:41pm

Excellent insight and reminder...

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