Preaching in the Zone (part 1)

Finding that place of perfect connection

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Rev prince oteng-boateng

April 26, 2007  5:13pm

The sermon/message must represent the life of the messenger. There would be no significant impact if the message is divorced from the life of the messenger.

Dennis Mullen

April 24, 2007  8:22am

Good stuff. Surely my assimilation would be helped by more planing ahead, working ahead.

Cesar Reyes

April 23, 2007  9:52am

Between bible studies, home visitation, cell groups, and various meeting, preparation and assimilation could take a backseat. Preaching can become a function to fulfill, a job requirement to be satisfied. Thanks, Kent, for reminding us to not only prepare but to live out our sermons.

Kathleen Langridge

April 23, 2007  12:00am

To assimilate is to be 'real' and God is then free to touch hearts as he has already done for us the preacher. The messages that originates from God living through us connects with our fellow pilgrims. The zone is great because God meets us (preachers and congregations) there. Thanks, Kent, from England.

Stephen Tuck

April 22, 2007  5:10am

What is said about assimilation is so true. To really speak from the heart we must live the message before we speak it. Otherwise the message will lack authenticity at best or make a hypocrite out of us at worst.

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