The Spiritual Importance of Becoming an Emotionally Healthy Preacher

Key issues to address as we look beneath the surface

The Spiritual Importance of Becoming an Emotionally Healthy PreacherSee theme
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Dave Rolph

May 21, 2012  1:03pm

Great article! It should be obvious that those who teach others need to first discover a healthy place for themselves, but healthy preachers seem to be the exceptions nowadays. Authentic preaching can be very therapeutic for everyone involved, while hypocritical preaching damages all, perhaps the preacher even more than the audience.

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May 20, 2012  1:39pm

It's so much about honesty, isn't it? Being transparent in the pulput and sharing how God reveals His truth to you as you seek Him..........and then sharing that truth with others. And sometimes, we are still "seeking" and don't have God's total peace yet, but being truthful, even in those situations, can minister to others just as powerfully. We know there is HOPE and we know that God is a rewarder of those who seek Him, so even for a time, that may be all God chooses to "give us" until later. We just cannot give up on God and His promises. As Christians, we don't walk alone, unless we choose to and that can be a dangerous path to walk. Thank you.

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Dr. George W. Thomas

May 16, 2012  6:49pm

Peter Scazzero is one of my favorite authors and practical pastors because he has lived through changes that have made him closed to Christ. I agree that prayer and time with God is essential.

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Louise Malbon-Reddix

March 09, 2012  9:13pm

Yes, we need to spend time with God. Again and as you have said, spend time with God and wait to hear from HIm and allow Him to address you and comfort you and build you up to do what you now do for others.

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Sherrie Dampeer

March 07, 2012  10:05pm

WOW!! What a tremendous article on such a needed topic!!

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