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Top Ten Sermons of 2011

Preaching Today's best sermons from 2011

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Throughout 2011 we had the privilege of offering an outstanding lineup of new sermons at We often say that we offer sermons for the following four reasons:

  1. to serve as models of outstanding preaching,
  2. to feed the preacher's soul,
  3. to inspire a preacher's own creative thinking,
  4. and to provide a kind of preachers' commentary.

Of course, I feel strongly that all of our sermons meet those four criteria, but you still might like to know which sermons were most popular among other customers—and for a limited time they're available at 25 percent off. So, without further delay, these are the Top 10 sermon downloads for 2011:

  1. God Is Holy, by Dan Meyer: Gaining a glimpse of God's holy fire
  2. God Is Present and Powerful, by Dan Meyer: Because of the gospel we are no longer essentially sinners. We are essentially saints.
  3. What to Do When Your Fig Tree Doesn't Blossom, by Jeffrey Arthurs: We can trust the person of God even when we can't grasp the plan of God.
  4. It's God's Party, Not Yours, by Francis Chan: The purpose of your life involves bowing to the authority of Christ.
  5. A Prescription for the Spiritually Challenged, by Haddon Robinson: God calls "spiritually challenged" people to show love through forgiveness.
  6. Enter the King of Glory, by Philip Ryken: It is not enough simply to say that Jesus is the King of glory; you must enthrone him as the King of your heart.
  7. Finding God in the Dark by Chuck DeGroat: By bringing our laments to God, we engage God and declare our trust in him.
  8. Falling Madly in Love with God, by Francis Chan: Let the Holy Spirit work a miracle in your heart—loving the God who loves you.
  9. Defiled and Cleansed, by Ligon Duncan: In Christ the defiled and excluded are now healed and accepted.
  10. The Big Picture of God's Faithfulness, by Jenny Salt: When you know God's track record of faithfulness, you'll want to respond with trust and obedience.

It's been a privilege to serve our community of preachers throughout 2011 and may God richly bless your ministry of preaching in 2012.

Sincerely in Christ,

Matt Woodley
Managing Editor,

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dan meyer

September 16, 2013  9:58pm


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September 14, 2013  10:23am

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January 18, 2012  5:12pm

After 3 months of searching the internet and you tube to decide if I wanted to come back to religion, I finally found someone who preaches from the heart, the way my Mama and Papa used to hear when they went to church, DR John Collins with the Church of Biblical Christians tells it the way it should be plus he does not accept donations, He preaches against todays prosperity preachers, My Papa said hes the only guy he has heard of lately not affraid to tell you what he thinks and use scripture to back him up. So I Listened to all of his sermons read all of his blogs and than decided to leave my number to see if he would really call as he says on his web site, With in 2 hours I recieved a call and DR. Collins never rushed me off the telephone answered all my questions, And After just that one call you can tell he loves and believes in what he does, He wont be for everyone, Because he does talk about damnation and what it takes to get to heaven, And its not from giving ministers our money> I watched the you tube videos of many and he is just for me, everyone has a choice but in listening to his sermons and reading his blogs and than the telephone call this guy is the real deal. The one on Gossip , wwjd hypocrites and the land of milk and honey not greed and money were right on, anyway if you get a chance listen to the guy you might be as glad as I am that I took the time.

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Clifford DeWitt

January 06, 2012  6:32am

I'm interested but don't see how to order, or the price. I'm obviously not computer literate.

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