Illustrating: Introduction

How can I help hearers understand abstract biblical truths?


Welcome to Focused Learning courses. These interactive courses are designed for those who desire to keep growing in faithfulness and effectiveness as preachers of God's Word. The courses include reading assignments, audio samples, self-evaluations, and recommended exercises for implementing the lessons learned.

This course covers the subject of sermon illustrations. Illustrating a sermon well is a skill to develop, and there are many questions preachers have about the subject. For instance, how can I turn events and observations from my own life into sermon illustrations? How do I authentically incorporate third-person stories into my messages? Do my illustrations distract from or enhance the biblical truth I'm trying to communicate?

The first section of workshops in this course focuses on developing your own sermon illustrations—learning to see the world around you in light of God's truth and being able to communicate what you observe effectively. Next ...

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Illustrating: Workshops: Developing Your Own Illustrations

How can I help hearers understand abstract biblical truths?

Illustrating: Workshops: Adapting Illustrations for Your Use

How can I help hearers understand abstract biblical truths?

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