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Average U.S. Worker Stays at Same Job 4.4 Years

According to recent statistics, the median number of years a U.S. worker has been in his or her current job is just 4.4, down sharply since the 1970s. ...

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News That Illustrates for Sunday, July 26th - August 2nd

Conflict at the Crawl-A-Thon, Time Is Not Money, and the 70-Year Confession Delay

Baby Crawl-A-Thon Winner Disqualified Pan-O-Prog, an annual festival ...

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Neuroscience Tries to Define Love

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal tried to explain that real love doesn't come from God; instead, love is just a bunch of chemical reactions ...

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The Church Is Like a Bad High School Band

Earl Palmer, an author and former pastor, once countered critics who rail against the church for its hypocritical, scandalous, and often irrelevant footprint ...

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News Stories About Our Biblical Illiteracy

A stream of opinion surveys and widely reported anecdotes document an alarming decline in biblical literacy among Americans; that is, there is ignorance ...

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Matt Woodley

The Challenge of R-Rated Texts

July 27, 2015

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