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News That Illustrates for Sunday, August 30th - September 6th

People Who Walk into Fires, the 'Hope Creator,' and Saying Goodbye to the U.S.

The Few, the Proud, the Fire Fighters From The New Yorker: "Fires have ...

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Farmer Uses Mold to Make 'Pumpkinsteins'

There are heads growing on Tony Dighera's farm, and they're not made of lettuce. They're called "pumpkinsteins," and they look a lot like the Frankenstein ...

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Italian Phrase that Depicts Biblical Love

The Italians have a beautiful expression for love: ti voglio bene. Though commonly translated as "I love you," [the phrase] more literally means "I wish ...

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Famous Painter Haunted by 'God Questions'

The lonely artist had made up his mind. Today was the day he would end it all for good. He climbed the tropically wooded hill behind his Tahitian hut, ...

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Dating App Helps People Connect for Sex

A recent (August 2015) article in Vanity Fair contains some shocking quotes and vignettes about a website that connects people for the sole purpose of ...

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