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Effective Introductions

An interview with Leadership managing editor Eric Reed

See theme want to learn from excellent communicators how to improve our introductions, one of the most important elements of a sermon. Let's begin with Max Lucado, who is the pulpit minister of Oak Hills Church of Christ in San Antonio, Texas. Here is the introduction of the sermon " The Touch of Christ, " which comes from PreachingToday issue 197:

Some years ago when I had been in the ministry only a few months, I went to visit the wife of a man who had just passed away. They were an older couple. He was a Bible teacher in our Sunday school class, and I really liked him. He was a gracious fellow, and it was a sad day for all of us when he passed away. I went to their house, and as his wife was walking me down the hallway to a room where we were going to plan the funeral, we passed a row of family portraits hanging along the walls.
I noticed something familiar out of the corner of my eye. Tacked on the wall were notes I had written. I stopped my friend in the hallway ...

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