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Build around Disease and Remedy

Shaping the narrative sermon

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One of the challenges in preaching a narrative text is how to structure the message. In general I do not recommend the way that one might naturally pursue: a chronological retelling of the story. I suggest, rather, that the best way to preach a narrative is to focus on disease (human failing) and remedy (God's provision). With that in mind, let's see how the sermon " No Selective Obedience " fares.


1. For the way chosen to approach the shape of the sermon (which I don't think was the best choice), the preacher handles the sermon in a clear, straightforward manner. After raising the main question, " What is one's responsibility when they are on a mission from God? " the preacher relates the story chronologically. The points made at each stop are relevant to that particular section of the story. The main idea comes through clearly and is related to the major thrust of the story.

Suggestions for Improvement

1. Unfortunately the preacher handles the story much ...

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