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A Satisfying Wrap-Up

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In this clinic we look at how the message " Overcoming the Influence of Affluence " (click on sermon title to see full text of message) ends. Here is the conclusion:

So this is our plan:
So forget about the American Dream. I hope that today, Memorial Day, is the Sunday you remember as the day you got off the rat race and got on the road to the good life, a life that is truly life.

This conclusion restates the main points of Movement II and follows with a brief challenge on the sermon's driving theme. While less developed than a more formal conclusion, it does one thing well.


It focuses on the main thing. Theoretically, the thing preachers want listeners to hear last is the central point of the message. In some form or another, good conclusions almost always do that. This sermon models how that is done with simplicity and brevity. He quickly summarized his main assertions, including the main idea, and then left the pulpit. He did not repreach the sermon but finished by ...

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