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Your preaching can ease the burden and give purpose to those who feel like working stiffs.See More Themes

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What Should We Tell People to Do for God on the Job?

An interview with Styleer engineer and pastor Jim Rose.

When Your People Have Huge Jobs

In some careers, the decisions are tougher, the responsibilities heavier, the hours greater. People in these callings sometimes feel preachers do not understand their world. What to keep in mind when preaching about work to those with challenging jobs.

Bridging the Marketplace Gap

How can church insiders get a hearing from marketplace experts about bringing Christ to work? An interview with pastor and author Andy Stanley.

Work Wins?

Many people come to church after a work week that did R-rated violence to their spirit. How your message can restore their soul.

Helping Christians in the Marketplace Make Tough Decisions

Preachers should acknowledge ambiguous choices and point to importance of motives.

When the Sermon Goes to Work

Life on the job is too important to give it light treatment.

Displaying 1–6 of 6 matches.

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