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Skittish Seekers: How to Keep Them Listening without Diluting the Gospel

An interview with Andy Stanley

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How conscious are you of the seekers represented among your listeners on Sunday morning?

Stanley: I'm very aware. I'm a relational person. When a member introduces me to a visitor and then whispers to me, "You know, he's not a believer" or "This is the guy I've been trying to get here," I find myself preaching with them in mind.

How specifically do you address that person?

I'm not preaching at them, but I feel like I'm sitting at the table with them. It's an invigorating thing for me because I'm partnering with our members in reaching that particular person. They may have spent four or five months trying to get this person here, and what they're saying is, "Andy, here he is. You'd better deliver."

Does this "outsider focus" reflect your personality?

I'm very involved in relational evangelism. I know what I want the experience to be like when my friends finally show up. So we'll go to just about any length to tear down all the walls and to say, "if you're going to be offended, we want you to ...

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