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Extending the Gift of Salvation

Proclaim the gospel, and give people an opportunity to make a decision

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Topic: How to issue an invitation to accept Christ.
Big Idea: Proclaim the gospel, and give people an opportunity to make a decision.

Preaching Today Sermons: Tell us a personal story of a memorable invitation that you gave.

Greg Laurie: Several years ago my wife and I were out motorcycle riding. We stopped beside a guy at a traffic light, who was also riding with his wife. She was a committed Christian, and happened to be helping out with our crusade at that time. After introducing me to her husband I got the sense he wasn't a believer. So I prayed a little prayer for him. That night she arrived at the crusade with him in tow, saying, " He came tonight because you took the time to introduce yourself to him. "

I'll never forget the moment I saw him walk forward during the invitation. It was an incredible moment of joy. It also illustrates the fact that mass evangelism and personal evangelism go hand in hand. Most people who come to a mass meeting do so because of a relationship ...

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