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Dialogical Preaching (part 2)

Letting the audience have a say in the sermon

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This is part two of a three-part series. In part one, Bob Hyatt offered a cultural and historical apologetic for dialogue in preaching. In part two, he addresses some of the concerns people have with dialogical preaching. Some would contend that introducing dialogue into the sermon could create a subjective atmosphere—one that fosters "truth by democracy," little concern for historical or grammatical issues, or an elevation of a more postmodern ethos. Are these concerns valid?

Bob Hyatt: I would say the concerns are valid but probably overstated. We should always be concerned about teaching correctly, whether in a small group or in a large worship gathering. We must always strive for the elevation of truth. But before I get to issues of avoiding a more subjective atmosphere, let me ask this question: Isn't it possible that truth can come from more than one voice? If I've effectively taught the Word of God to my community for 5–10 years, surely somebody has learned ...

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Brian Lowery

March 27, 2008  10:26am

Jerry - Be sure to check out Part 3 - now up on Bob covers all that and more there. Thanks!


March 26, 2008  11:54am

Some examples of dialogical preaching would be very helpful in understanding. For example, how and when does the audience interact with the pastor? How is the subject introduced to the audience? Will you expand this article to include examples?

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