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An interview with Don Sunukjian

RelevanceSee theme is relevance?

Don Sunukjian: Relevance is when the listener realizes, I see how this message applies to me. " See " is the operative word. The listener thinks, I have a mental picture of where this fits in my life. I see the guy next to me at work. He comes in, sits down in that seat, puts his brown bag in the third drawer on the left side, turns to me, and complains. I see it. Relevancy is when the listener can say, " I see where God is speaking his truth and where it fits my life. " It's not that the listener can see it in somebody else's life, or in Czechoslovakia, or in Victorian England, or in sports metaphors.

I, as the listener, have to see it in the specifics of my life — otherwise it stays at a level of generality, abstraction, pious clich. We nod and say, " Uh-huh, uh-huh. " But we have no idea how it shows up in our life.

Without relevance, it's just knowledge. It's information. But the Bible passes judgment ...

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