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Avoiding Formula Preaching with Dr. Marguerite Shuster

An interview with Dr. Marguerite Shuster

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Dr. Marguerite Shuster has taught preaching and theology at Fuller Theological Seminary since 1992, after having served nearly a dozen years in pastoral ministry. Combining her pulpit experience and theological expertise during two decades of full-time teaching, she has taught hundreds of homiletics students to refine their craft. Today, we focus on one of Dr. Shuster's key topics—avoiding formulaic preaching in service of creative, faithful, emotionally engaged preaching.

Matt Woodley, Why is "formulaic preaching" such a problem?

Dr. Marguerite Shuster: I think it's a three-pronged problem. There's the problem biblically speaking, the problem for the hearer, and the problem for the preacher.

The problem biblically speaking has to do with the wide variety of genres in biblical literature. If you preach a Pauline argument the same way you preach a lament, something is going to be lost. If I am trying to persuade you of something by way of an argument, for example, ...

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Spot on!

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