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Matt Woodley

Read. Think. Illustrate.

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We're passionate about preaching God's Word. That's why every week we feature our regular illustrations and News That Illustrates, our weekly roundup of current news stories with preachable angles. We give you the articles (Read), offer a quick summary with preaching angles (Think), so you can use it in your sermon (Illustrate). Check out this week's collection, including stories about …

  • The "Cub Scouts mom" who confronted a terrorist
  • Daddy bunnies and the vocation of Fatherhood
  • Vicious tornadoes and a good God
  • A multimillionaire who lives simply
  • America's most religious cities and porn hubs
  • Kindle's 25 most-highlighted passages

Check it out and share it with your friends. This week it's on us.

This week we also feature:

In Christ,

Matt Woodley
Managing Editor, PreachingToday.com

P.S. This week we also continue our new series of sermons titled "Project Hazmat: Handling Hot Preaching Topics." Check out Bill Haley's sermon and backstory—"Blessing the World and Ourselves, Too"—about preaching on social justice issues.

Matt Woodley serves as the Editor for PreachingToday.com and the Pastor of Compassion Ministries at Church of the Resurrection in Wheaton, Illinois. He is also the author of God With Us: The Gospel of Matthew (IVP).

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