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Matt Woodley

Fat Guy in a Red Suit or the Real Santa?

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Looking for last-minute Christmas illustrations? Check out our "News That Illustrates" and our new column—"Links That Illustrate." We round up some of the most interesting, preachable stories from the web and then let you do the rest of the work. This week's News That Illustrates includes stories about the real Santa Claus (not just that guy in the red suit), our spiritual $16 (or is it $86?) trillion debt, the 400+ websites that promote anorexia, the 20th birthday of the text message, and a faucet that washes and dries your hands. They're fresh and original. Click. Think. Preach.

This week we also feature:

Preaching the Light of the World,

Matt Woodley
Managing Editor, PreachingToday.com

P.S. If you're planning a stewardship sermon series for 2013, don't forget to check out "Generosity," a new four-part series by Jim Nicodem and Gordon MacDonald. It's loaded with fresh outlines, biblical exposition, and stories to help you disciple generous Christians.

Matt Woodley serves as the Editor for PreachingToday.com and the Pastor of Compassion Ministries at Church of the Resurrection in Wheaton, Illinois. He is also the author of God With Us: The Gospel of Matthew (IVP).

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