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Peaceful Preaching in a Polarized World

In this webinar, Krish Kandiah shares with us about how to speak into these turbulent times with grace, dignity, and peace.

Finding ourselves in one of the most turbulent of times, it can be difficult to navigate how to speak into the divide.

Join Preaching Today with host Steve Carter and Dr. Krish Kandiah OBE as they unpack how preaching peace in a polarized world is not only possible, but essential. In this webinar he will be looking at the three common approaches to peace and the pros and cons of each.

Dr. Kandiah will explore the Biblical understanding of Shalom and the four dimensions of peace, and finally will focus on what it means to be a conflict-aware preacher and how to develop our literacy in five areas.

Also, if you missed it, be sure to check out Krish’s artile on Preaching Today!


Krish’s Master Class on Preaching

Krish’s Website

Steve’s podcast: Craft & Character

Dr. Krish Kandiah is a social entrepreneur who advises the UK government on child welfare reform and refugee resettlement. He is in demand as a speaker, writer, and theologian.

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