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Webinar Series: Preaching Through Disruption

Ideas and encouragement to adapt your craft, care for your soul, and shepherd your people during this challenging season.
Webinar Series: Preaching Through Disruption

This season of COVID-19 (coronavirus) has forced a shift in preaching. We’re no longer preaching face to face, but to a camera. It’s also highlighted how vital it is for preachers to be taking care of their own souls in the midst of this crisis. There’s also the pastoral challenge of not being able to walk beside your people and shepherd them.

John Ortberg joins Preaching Today’s Matt Woodley to explore each issue and offer encouragement and ideas to equip you to thrive in your calling during this challenging time.

Adapting Your Craft

Social distancing due to the coronavirus has forced a shift in preaching. We’re no longer preaching face to face, but to a camera. What adjustments do we need to make to ensure God’s Word hits home with the people who are watching?

Caring for Your Soul

In this season of disruption and uncertainty it’s vital pastors care for their own soul. How do we protect against slipping into moments of depression, isolation, discouragement, and temptations that come with the stress of these challenging times?

Shepherding Your People

Pastors are called to be shepherds. But the realities of our current COVID-19 world have made it difficult to walk beside our people. How do you provide what previous Christians called the “cure of souls” when we can’t be with our sheep?

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