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Whispering in the Storm

Preaching in a social media saturated society.

Whispering in the Storm

I was running for the train station as the storm hit Seoul, Korea. I hoped against hope that I would get to the airport, and my plane would make it out of the country before the promised hurricane arrived. As I rushed through Seoul's travel hubs, I whispered a prayer. But by the time I got to the airport, I could see on the display that one-by-one, every plane was being cancelled. These huge, heavy jumbos had no chance against the oncoming tropical storm. They may look strong and sturdy, but this storm would see them picked up and tossed around like a paper airplane in the hands of a toddler. Watching the clouds gather and lightning streak across the sky I suddenly felt very small. The power of the storm grounded me far from home, as the unstoppable force attempted to destroy whatever lay in its path.

Sometimes when I pick up the microphone to speak at my church I am reminded of that moment in the storm. To my right the teens are already ignoring etiquette and each other and scrolling ...

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