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Sermon Prep as a Team

Taking your outline through a refining process.

Sermon Prep as a Team

I am a staff elder/pastor at The Well in Portland, Oregon. As I have about 50% of the teaching responsibilities, I am on to preach this week. The text is Mark 12:18-27. I have spent the last week preparing an outline of what I think the text means, and what the Holy Spirit would have us to know and obey. My understanding is limited, however, and I am hitting a few roadblocks: Why is there no marriage in heaven? How much time should I spend teaching on that surprising reality? And how can God be the "God of the living," as the text says, if Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are obviously dead?

Contributing to my "preacher's block," are my own limitations: I am a 40 year old vocational pastor; I only went to about a year of Bible college, as I providentially fell into pastoral work; I thought I was going to be a missionary, so I intuitively, and not always exegetically correctly, see every biblical text as a call to the unreached. No matter how hard I try, I am always going ...

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