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Preaching on Abortion

Breaking through the fear and silence that surrounds abortion in our pulpits.

Preaching on Abortion

Why should a preacher take the risk of addressing the subject of abortion from the pulpit? I know some pastors think it's too great a risk, that harm can only come from it, and it's better to play it safe and only deal with the topic in pastoral care situations. But as a woman who has had an abortion, I want my pastors to address it from the pulpit. As a matter of fact, when I first started attending church again—this time as a new believer—I was extremely puzzled as to why abortion was not talked about in the church. In the early days of my Christian faith I was receiving healing from the Lord in regards to my abortion. I knew the pastors were kind and godly leaders, and I had received compassionate pastoring from them regarding my abortion. Yet there was this weird silence ... a penetrating, deadly silence in Christ's church when it came to abortion.

After a while I started to wonder, Is my sin of abortion so unspeakable? Does my abortion, on a scale of all other ...

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