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How Has Dr. King Impacted Your Preaching?

Three pastors reflect on what they've learned from Martin Luther King Jr.

How Has Dr. King Impacted Your Preaching?

Note from PreachingToday.com: We recently posted a previously unpublished Martin Luther King Jr. sermon called "Guidelines for a Constructive Church." So, we asked a handful of preachers the following question: What aspect of Dr. King's life and work has had the greatest impact on your role as a pastor and preacher? In this article we feature answers to that question from Dr. George C. Waddles, Rev. Bryan Loritts, and Pastor John Ortberg.

Speaking Truth to Power

Dr. George W. Waddles, Sr.

Dr. King was known as a champion for justice, a powerful herald of God's truth, and one who was not afraid to speak truth to power. And he was committed to academic preparation. I am deeply sensitive to the need for strong education and being equipped with the knowledge of how to examine God's Word before one engages preaching and ministry.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was also a skilled orator. His mastery of the English language and his spiritual cadence as he preached God's Word ...

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