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Lights, Camera, Pulpit! (Part 1)

Four screenwriting tips that apply to preachers, too.

Despite many warnings from homiletics professors, mentors, and fellow pastors, I spent my first few years of weekly preaching committing one of the most common, grievous errors of a young preacher: the content dump. In those early years, I wielded God's word less like a fountain of life and more like a fire hose in what was surely a weekly endurance test for our congregation.

From "Content Dump" to "Content Delivery"

Simply realizing this, though, was not enough to make me grow out of content dump preaching. The next step came from a conversation with one of our congregants, a doctoral-level researcher devoted to the development of pharmaceutical delivery systems. She explained to me that drugs, once manufactured, cannot simply be sprinkled onto someone's head and expected to work. Researchers like her devote their careers to pioneering effective drug delivery systems that transport these life-saving substances past the body's defenses and into the precise ...

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