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6 Problems of Preaching on Faith and Work

Building Bridges to Connect Faith and Work


Every week, preachers stand before men and women who approach life through the lens of their occupations—either they are searching for employment, actively engaged in their work, or are retired from a career in the marketplace. Week after week they hear sermons preached. Yet, for many preachers and listeners the pulpit seems to be a great distance from the factory, the retail store, corporate desk, and even the unemployment office.

If preachers are to connect the truth of the Scriptures to the men and women seated before them, what are the obstacles? What can the preacher do to take any hindrance out of the way so that listeners can more helpfully hear the sermon and apply it to their lives? What can listeners do to understand how to make connections between the Bible and their work world? What are the problems preachers and listeners have about work and connecting the two?

As preachers we want to be part of fashioning the lives of Christians in the marketplace as they ...

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