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Passing the Preacher's Test (part one)

The first temptation: To preach something other than the Bible as the source and substance of our sermon

I used to cheat in Algebra. Math has always been difficult for me, and so when I was assigned to the honors Algebra class, which was very much over my head, I adjusted this discrepancy by "borrowing" some answers from the best mathematician in the school, and a fellow starter on the varsity basketball team.

I wasn't a Christian at the time, but I had a strong conscience, one which initially burned within me each time I broke the school's law, God's law, and my own moral law. But after a while, as the teacher himself turned a blind eye to what was going on, and my heart hardened toward this sin, this fire of conscience cooled. The guilt subsided. The teacher didn't care. My friend didn't care. I didn't care. I passed the class.

When I became a Christian a year after graduating high school, everything changed on the inside, and eventually on the outside. So when I transferred to Wheaton College to major in Bible/Theology, I vowed never again to cheat on anything.

This vow, however, was quickly ...

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Ishaya Emmanuel

October 30, 2012  1:08pm

When the Bible is truely preached,the voice of God is heard and the people are inspired and resolve to take astance and want to make a difference in there little environment.

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