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Emphasizing the Emotional Life in the Text

How biblical is "Finding Our Way Home"?

I have opinions — lots of them. Some of them may even be worth considering. Most Sundays I'm sorely tempted to share my opinions with those who come to listen. Yet I've found that people don't attend sermons to hear opinions. They come to hear from God.

The best way to help people hear what God is saying is to focus on a text in Scripture. This sermon does just that. This sermon is expository in the most important sense of the word: it exposes the Word of God to the listener. It helps us hear from God.


1. Faithfully develops a text in its context.
The sermon begins with the context of the John 14:1-31 passage, crossing back into chapter John 13:30-38 to get a fuller sense of the human situation. The preacher describes the dark night of Jesus' soul as the Lord lays bare his heart before his Father. The preacher describes the departure of Judas into the night and then Jesus' prophetic description of Peter's betrayal. Chapter John 13:30-38 presents a lonely Christ surrounded by unreliable disciples.

All this ...

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