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Sermons on Wonder

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A View from the Choir

The story behind the sermon (Bryan Wilkerson)

After doing first person narratives at Christmastime for many years, I was running out of characters—the ...

What was Christmas like from the angels' point of view?

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The "Unbelievable" True Story of Christmas
The "Unbelievable" True Story of Christmas


One of the ironies of modern history is that the majority of people who celebrate around Christmas have never really heard the real Christmas ...

The real story of Christmas is more wonderful, fantastic, and life-changing than we ever imagined.

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Three Ways to Worship


Back when I was in college, I had a professor of American religion who gave us a really interesting assignment. He had us visit nearly every ...

Our worship must reflect celebration and sacrifice, rejoicing and reverence.

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Fear of God

Text: Psalm 103
Topic: Understanding godly fear

From the editor

We don't hear too many sermons about the fear of God. The reasons why vary—from fear ...

The fear of God leads us to his mercy.

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Dangerous Worship


Have you considered that many of the things we do every day are inherently dangerous? Yet we hardly think about it. Every morning, I take ...

We must avoid dishonest worship, calculated worship, and thoughtless worship in order to truly present ourselves at Jesus' feet.

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Eternal Worship


I want to begin this message on worship in eternity by sharing with you a line from a hymn by William Cowper. One of the great hymns of our ...

In worship, we see things as they really are, not as they appear to be.

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