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Sermons on Visions & Dreams

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How to Survive in a Fallen World
How to Survive in a Fallen World


Americans are threatened in a way today that I think is unusual in our history. Just this week I read parts of three publications freely available ...

We are attentive, humble, and obedient to God because his power is complete and his good purposes are to preserve us through trials, to give us everlasting righteousness, and to purify us through Jesus Christ.

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I Don't Believe It!

From the editor

One of the first things you'll probably notice about this sermon is how short it is. DelBene simply reads his text—the story of Thomas ...

Encounters with God transform our disbelief into awe.

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A Deeply Moving Religious Experience

It was Pentecost Sunday and I had been invited to speak at Washington Cathedral on that occasion because my background has something to do with earthquake, ...

We are responsible to live out the full meaning of God's dream for our lives.

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