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Sermons on Virgin Birth

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Connecting the Dots at Christmas
Connecting the Dots at Christmas


My professor Haddon Robinson from seminary tells a story about a married woman who decided to go on her own private vacation to Europe. She ...

Sometimes seemingly imperfect timing is perfect for accomplishing God’s purposes.

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The Virgin Birth

From the editor:

In the conversations I've had with seekers, Paul's assertion in 1 Corinthians 1:23 is spot on: the mysterious death of Christ is quite ...

The Virgin Birth is absolutely critical to our salvation, because what we need is a Savior.

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On Beyond Zebra

This morning I want to launch us into the message with a reading from one of the great minds in theology, Dr. Seuss. I have here a copy of On Beyond ...

We have no category for a Virgin Birth or a God-man but we must accept this unique baby to understand Christmas.

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