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Sermons on Unselfishness

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Preaching on Unselfishness? Browse these sermons to find fresh ideas.

Managing Your Relationships


When Jerry Seinfeld began his comedy show (you may have heard of it; it was called Seinfeld), he paid one of his New York buddies what he ...

Relationships are not about taking control; they are about commitment.

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How to Improve Your Standard of Living


Today's message should come with a warning. Caution: This passage requires no interpretation. Peter writes Chapter 3 in a way that makes ...

We experience the good life by working hard at being at peace with one another.

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Great People Do for Others

In the recent NCAA basketball Final Four playoffs here at Dallas, I was interested in the statement made by one of the coaches prior to the game. He was ...

Truly great people commit to serving others and trusting in God's provision.

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In this passage our Lord calls us his friends and gives us four tests or proofs, or signs of the friendship. Two signs or proofs are on his side and ...

Jesus provides the example of how to be a friend.

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