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Sermons on Suicide

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On Suicide
On Suicide


Death is never easy. But death is even harder when someone is too young to die or dies under especially difficult circumstances. The tragic ...

In the wake of a tragic suicide, we need to move beyond the person's death and remember his or her life, in addition to God's grace.

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The Hardest Death

Truman [Dollar] came here [to our church] eight years ago. He had been pastor of a large church in Detroit. He had made some choices that made it necessary ...

Following a suicide, faith must be adjusted one minute at a time.

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What Jesus Would Say to Jack Kevorkian

You know how pets can endear themselves to you. Over the years, we've grown to love Dusty, our pet chinchilla. But a couple of months ago we took him ...

The consequences of legally assisted suicide would be morally and ethically disastrous.

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