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Sermons on Suffering

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Preaching on Suffering? Browse these sermons to find fresh ideas.

Costly Compassion

"You deserve compensation for your suffering," according to some lawyers' ads on television these days. "If you hit your hand on a doorpost; if you ...

When Paul was converted to Christ, he quickly learned that suffering was part of the deal—and he embraced it, all for the cause of the gospel. So should we.

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Jesus: Tortured for Me


The fact that Jesus suffered no one can dispute. It's a historical fact. The idea that he had to suffer has often been the subject of scorn ...

Jesus suffered at his trial, his scourging, on the road to the Cross, and certainly on the Cross—and every bit of that suffering was payment for our sins.

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The Present Power of a Future Possession

Hebrews 10:32-39: "Remember the former days when after being enlightened you endured a great conflict of sufferings, partly by being made a public spectacle ...

When we find our joy in Christ, we can sacrifice for others.

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Life Is Hard, but God Is Good


About three months ago my husband, Ken, and I were back in the Baltimore area for my 30 high school reunion. You know how reunions are. You check ...

God has good reasons for what he does, and his answer to our suffering is himself.

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Spreading Power Through Persecution

On January 9, 1985, a Congregational pastor in Bulgaria named Christo Kuleczef, was arrested and put in jail. His crime was preaching in his church, just ...

God uses the suffering of the church for the advancement of the Gospel.

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Persecution and Christlikeness

 My background is an Eastern Orthodox country. Eastern Orthodoxy is much stronger than the Catholic church on the dogma that the church saves ...

Suffering for Christ’s sake makes us like him.

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The Most Miserable People in the World


I have two groups of people standing here with me. The people on my right are not perfect, but they are all convinced Jesus Christ rose from ...

The reality of Christ’s resurrection means everything.

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Four Ironies of the Cross
Four Ironies of the Cross

We all know what irony is. Some of it is bitter. Some of it is vicious. Some of it is funny. But at its best, irony has the capacity to clarify an incident ...

In his weakness on the cross, Jesus Christ revealed his greatness.

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The Struggle to Hope

Our dreams must be shattered so God's power can be released in us.

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