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Sermons on Spiritual Growth

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Sermon Four

Years ago Bill Hybels told about seeing a newscast of a big Vietnam veterans parade in Chicago. Part of the commemoration was a mobile Vietnam ...

For our sake Jesus accepted the charge that cost him his life

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The Faces of Failure

Sermon Five

There was a clip on the sports last night that was painful to watch. College basketball between Memphis and Louisville, championship game—the ...

Peter, Judas, and Pilate demonstrate different ways to fail in faith

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The Agony of Victory

Through the rejection of the cross Jesus is exalted as king

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Which Watchers?

Sermon Seven

Robert Russell, pastor of Southeastern Christian Church in Lexington, Kentucky, told about sitting behind a 5-year-old boy at their church's ...

Christ's Resurrection calls us to believe

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From Here To Eternity: Getting Your Spiritual Life in Order

I changed long distance carriers a few weeks ago. I've never considered choosing a long distance carrier a particularly sentimental decision—basically ...

In order to get to where you want to be spiritually, you need to move toward God, and he will move toward you.

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The Heart of a Servant


We're in the final week of a series called Fuel for the Soul. We've been talking about things you can do to turbo-charge your spiritual life—to ...

Energize your spiritual life through service by forgetting your limitations, being a team player, being willing to get your hands dirty, and turning your job into a ministry.

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A House on Hope Street

For many years John Cox and his wife, Wendy, did their best to provide a home for themselves and their three daughters. He was an itinerant youth minister, ...

How justification clears the way for a new life built on hope.

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Anakin's Choice

The TV makeover craze began a few years ago with a couple of shows that promised to transform ordinary looking people into beauty queens and chick-magnets. ...

God's work of sanctification is a process of daily decisions.

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Setting Sail

You know, I really don't understand myself sometimes. I want to do what's right, but I don't do it. Instead, I do the very thing I hate. I know perfectly ...

Catching the Holy Spirit's wind of transformation.

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The Great Reveal

It's the most dramatic moment in any makeover show. It's the reason the participants endure 3 months of surgery, workouts, coaching, and separation from ...

Glorification, our completed makeover, will be amazing.

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Lectio Divina

A few months after I became a Christian, my youth pastor taught me a method of Bible study that has provided the foundation of my spiritual life ever ...

Four simple steps can help Christians become transformed by the Word of God: read, think, pray, and act.

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Path of Preparation


One of the great tragedies of this century is the number of high-profile people who have professed faith in Christ and suddenly found themselves ...

God will prepare us for his use by asking us to walk the path of obscurity, the path of obedience, and the path of opposition.

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Walking in Wisdom


I love the story of the young man of 32 who had been appointed president of the bank. He'd never dreamed he'd be president, much less at ...

The way to live a circumspect life is to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

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The Heart of Worship

We're in a series called "Soul Survivor." It's about getting through life with your faith intact. In week one we talked about having assurance of your ...

Worship is all about Jesus.

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Spiritual Priorities

About 15 years ago Robert Fulghum captured the hearts of millions of readers when he wrote his personal credo in a few short paragraphs. It was called ...

In order to thrive, we must make an effort to guard our spiritual life—to nurture it and strengthen it.

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A Team of Leaders

I once heard a Baptist preacher say, "There are two things I would never want to be: the front pew of a Baptist church or the third verse of a Baptist ...

To help you maximize your gift (or ministry), Paul teaches that God has given you a team of leaders whose job it is to bring your gift to full fruition in the service of Jesus Christ and his church.

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Plan BE

Last week we examined the seemingly impossible command to "imitate God"—and we saw that we imitate God by walking in love: showing forgiveness, ...

There is unbreakable connection between being and doing.

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Stay In the Game

Anyone who has heard me preach more than a few times knows that I love a good comeback story. I love to read stories or watch movies or witness real-life ...

He couldn't have done it without God's help, AND God wouldn't have done it without Peter's participation.

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A Half Time Talk

Several years ago, my sons and I were watching the Buffalo Bills and Houston Oilers in the playoffs. At halftime the Bills were down 35-3 and their ...

No matter where you are in your life right now, God can turn things around.

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Getting Focused

For the past two weeks I've talked about the change that occurred in Peter's life. He went from being failure prone, impulsive, and brash to ministering ...

If you're ready to make a comeback, you need to get focused.

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What Do You Think?

Here's a question many people wrestle with: Can a person change? I mean really change—stop being one way and start being another. I'm not talking ...

If you want to experience true transformation, you must learn to renew your mind according to the principles of God.

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Dare To Be Different

We've just begun a new series from 1 Peter called "InCourage." It's about bold living in tough times. The purpose of this series is to encourage you ...

God wants you to be different, but not just on the surface: he wants you to be different from the inside out.

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From Here to Eternity: Getting Your Spiritual Life in Order

I changed long distance carriers a few weeks ago. I've never considered choosing a long distance carrier a particularly sentimental decision—basically ...

In order to get to where you want to be spiritually, you need to move toward God, and he will move toward you.

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Life in the Penalty Box

I'd like to just read an excerpt of someone who wrote to me from out of state and addressed the letter to me personally.

He said, "I'm 31 years old." ...

We can learn some of God's lessons only through times of failure.

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Spiritual Growth—My Job or God's?

Whose job is spiritual growth? Psychologists say one of the primary causes of conflict in households involves dispute over what's generally called division ...

Sanctification involves a mysterious partnership with God.

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Which Rung are You On?

I went to a restaurant, a type of place. As we were eating, this girl comes out with a bucket of Thousand Island dressing. She's coming out of the kitchen ...

Jesus calls us to be different.

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