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Sermons on Sorrow

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Preaching on Sorrow? Browse these sermons to find fresh ideas.

How Did the World Get So Messed Up?


Not everything in the world is good. Not everything in the world is happy. Not everything in the world is beautiful. In fact, real evil does ...

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Loss, Loyalty, & Lament


I've never been one to read romance novels, but lately I've been reading one. It's been a good one, too. Believe it or not, it's a book I ...

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Loss, Loyalty, and Lament

Text: Ruth 1:1–22
Topic: Learning to make the right choices in difficult times

From the editor:

Perhaps you're looking for a unique way to approach ...

In the midst of our loss, God is still at work, and his ultimate aim is to bless us.

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Why Is the World So Messed Up?

Text: Romans 5:12–17
Topic: How the world is broken and what that means for us


Not everything in the world is good. Not everything in the ...

Although the world is broken, God is still in control, and history is moving toward a climax.

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How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?


The story is told of a man who visited a cemetery to leave flowers at the grave of his dearly departed mother. He couldn't help but notice ...

We are blessed when we sorrowfully confess our sin to God and joyfully receive his forgiveness.

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God of Our Losses

All of us go through suffering and times of loss in our lives. There are suffering people here tonight, troubled people, worried people, uncertain people. ...

Only through faith in a loving God can we survive the grief and pain of loss.

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Good News for a Weeping World

Do you hear the crying? If we would listen, especially with our imagination, we would hear the weeping from all parts of our world—from Nicaragua, ...

Knowing Jesus is alive relieves all our sorrows

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