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A Ministry of Reconciliation

From the editor:

In this week's featured sermon, John MacArthur says, "Never has the world seen a God who by nature is a lover. Never has the world seen ...

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The Christian Subculture: Righteous or Rubbish?


As believers, we sometimes feel pressured to act in certain ways, fit in with certain norms, or participate in certain activities. The pressure ...

When we try to live up to others' standards of righteousness, we miss the life Christ intended.

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Complete the Circle


In his book Bono in Conversation, author Michka Assayas recounts a remarkable discussion he had with the lead singer and songwriter of the ...

When Jesus sets conditions on grace

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Lessons From the Past

When I took my first preaching class in college, our professor told us that our final exam would be to write a sermon during class on a passage of Scripture ...

Jesus came to save all people who will call on his name.

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Thanksgiving and Faith

In a yard near us, a sign recently appeared with these words on it: MOM ON STRIKE. Michelle had "moved" into her children's tree house and vowed she wasn't ...

Everything right about us, the Lord did.

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